Our History


How it All Began …

In the 1960s, Charles Bay and George Gedge saw a need in the Butler Community for a place our elderly could go when they needed someone to take care of them. Charles encouraged a few other people in the area to invest in Butler Rest Home which became home to 19 residents at the time. As the years went by and the need became greater, Charles oversaw the building of River Valley Nursing Home in 1971. The new home became an Intermediate Care Home for 32 residents in 1979.

In 1992, at the age of 82, Charles took on one of the biggest challenges of his life. He realized the needs of the elderly in Pendleton County and the surrounding area had out-grown the existing 19 bed personal care home and the 32 bed intermediate care home. As a result, Charles made a significant contribution to the community by pursuing a 28 bed expansion. He realized that the end result would greatly enhance the needs of the elderly in his community.

After construction was completed in 1994, and River Valley Nursing Home now serves 60 residents.

In 2006, the other shareholders of River Valley Nursing Home decided to sell their portion of the nursing home stock. The shares of stock not owned by the immediate Bay family were purchased by LVO under the direction of David Bay, Charles’ grandson and president of LVO.

“I greatly appreciate the work and dedication of my Grandpa Charles and Grandma Edna, my Dad Bob, and the members of the Board of Directors over the years,” says David. “I look forward to continuing the tradition of quality care for the residents here at River Valley Nursing Home. I know this is possible with the great group of employees we have here, at the home.”

Charles became a resident of River Valley Nursing Home prior to his passing in 2008. He never lost sight of his primary objective, which was to ensure quality nursing care where the elderly of the community could reside.